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A world of possibilities open up when you Connect with GamingSoft. One single integration for all the best games and payment services in Southeast Asia. All Connected through a cutting edge CRM with modern features to acquire, convert, engage, and retain customers.
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Games API

Get access to over 5,000 games from across 100+ iGaming providers in Southeast Asia. Pick from our massive library of live casino, sportsbook, slots, poker and other gambling products. Upgrade your games library with no fuss with one single integration process today!

Modern Customer
Retention Features

Provide Online Casino Tournament for Player Retention Strategy - GamingSoft
Flexible Tournament System
Provide Casino Mini Games for Player Retention Strategy - GamingSoft
Exciting Mini Games
Improve Your Casino Player Retention Strategy - GamingSoft
Engaging Daily Mission

One Integration
One Contract

Ditch the headache of juggling multiple contracts with multiple providers.
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